From Argentina with love: organic honey in Certaldo by Luis Spera

Polline fresco biologico Certaldo

He came from Argentina more than 30 years ago – with two children and a third on its way – and chose Certaldo to start a new life in Tuscany.

But Luis Spera and his wife Alicia never forgot their bond with the native land, and maybe that is why they decided to start their beekeeping activity here. Beekeeping is very widespread in South America, and had already been one of the main occupations of the Spera family in the past.

A couple in love with nature and outdoor lifestyle, Luis and Alicia started producing honey as a hobby, but the activity gained importance in time: the apiaries multiplied and the honey production increased, leading Luis to attend specific courses to widen his knowledge and improve his production.

The idea of launching a real business began to make its way: a part of Luis and Alicia’s house was turned into a beekeeping lab and Luis purchased new tools to increase the production, often helped by other members of the family who each had specific tasks, from positioning the beehives to collecting the honey itself.

But beekeeping is not a business to be improvised: it has its own rhythms and requires time, love and dedication to nature, along with its respect. The organic honey produced by Luis Spera is the product of his philosophy and his approach to this lifestyle.

Honey has countless beneficial properties for the human body: it is antiseptic, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, packed with antioxidants and a perfect substitute for refined white sugar.

Aside from the superb organic honey – which varies in taste and smell according to the different areas where the bees are free to fly – Luis also produces fresh pollen. This product has recently been placed under the spotlight of medical research in order to discover all of its beneficial properties and the help it can give to our body and immune system, especially during cold seasons.

A few steps from Hotel Certaldo

The beekeeping lab of Luis Spera Madre Natura can be found in Via Aldo Moro, just a few minutes on foot from Hotel Certaldo. Calling or e-mailing at before visiting is advised.

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