Certaldo Alto secrets and mistery

Here is a story about Certaldo Alto that feels like a legend and, if it is use to say that each legend had something real in it, this one seems to have something more. It is still told by the old people living in Certaldo Alto their whole life, witnesses of the story we are going to tell you, never put on paper but only spoken and passed on by protagonists and by their forefathers.

According to some inhabitants, in the under soil of Certaldo Alto there would be many ways and underground tunnels across all perimeter of the small medieval village, arriving until the next hill called “Poggio del Boccaccio”.

The origin of such handmade tunnels is more or less around XI century or later, and they would still hide many precious objects as furnishings, armours, daily usage things, books and even some personal objects owned by the poet Giovanni Boccaccio, who was born and lived in Certaldo Alto, where it is possible to visit his house, now a museum and seat of National Corporation “Giovanni Boccaccio… well, a real secret museum, rich of invaluable treasures!

According to the supporters of such theories, accesses to these tunnels should be various and situated in different points of the medieval village: water wells in some private houses, hidden trap doors in some basements, small holes on the ground and a secret passage also in the Palazzo Pretorio!

The legend or better the tales tell that the last people that could have access to such tunnels were the nowadays old people in their youth, but after some meters they had to stop and came back for the air lack due the long fastening time.

The long tunnels’ grid would arrive until the “Poggio del Boccaccio”… another mystery…. It is in fact a hill next to Certaldo Alto and very particular.

It is easily to see the strange pyramidal and well defined shape of the hill, that has the same inclination on each side and laying on a flat basis.
Its top is strange too: perfectly flat! It seems to be not a natural hill, but it would hide an ancient pyramid, that with the time passage has been naturally covered by earth and weeds… and it would not be the only one in Italy…. A mystery inside another mystery…

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