Our 10 Good reasons to visit Certaldo

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Why visiting Certaldo, a small Tuscan village in the Valdelsa area, just in the middle between Florence and Siena?  We can give you 10 good reasons:

It is the town of the medieval writer Giovanni Boccaccio.

Author of The Decameron, one of the milestones of Italian Renaissance literature, in the old medieval town of Certaldo Alto it is still possible to visit the home of the scholar, turned today into a historic library-museum.

The medieval village is a true gem.

Certaldo Alto stands out on a tiny hill in the heart of Tuscany and as soon as you step onto its streets – getting there on foot or via funicular – you are suddenly back in time.

The historical sites are remarkable.

Certaldo was the biggest village of the Vicariato, the county-like institution of the area, administrating justice and finances. Artworks like Il Tabernacolo dei Giustiziati by Renaissance painter Benozzo Gozzoli testify the importance of the place, as well as the old wings of the prisons – separated between male and female – which are to be found inside Palazzo Pretorio, in Certaldo Alto.

It is the ideal starting point to visit Tuscany.

Certaldo is in the middle of the ‘golden triangle’ formed by the three main Tuscan cities: Florence, Siena and Pisa, all of which are linked by train connections. The famous San Gimignano is also a few minutes away by car.

The food is amazing.

You will find several places, restaurants and trattorias in Certaldo offering menus with the best examples of Tuscan cuisine. Speaking of which, when in Certaldo a taste of the local DOP red onion is a must.

The wine is even better.

Many local farms produce a good Chianti wine along with other reds. Beyond the river Elsa – the natural border between the two provinces of Florence and Siena – the white Vernaccia wine from San Gimignano is produced.

Life is better here

People in Certaldo still lead – fully and proudly – the village life: it is not unusual to spot  elderly people sitting outside doors left ajar so that their nephews and nieces can come and go under their vigilant eyes and grab a slice of pane con l’olio (bread with extra virgin olive oil) as a snack, or merenda.

Certaldo is a friendly place.

Tuscans are famous for being amiable folks, and here the tradition is kept: in Certaldo you will find heart-warming and honest people surrounding you.

You can stay in an old watermill from the 16th century.

Hotel  Certaldo is the result of the restoration and renovation of an old watermill on the Elsa river, property of the Medici family during their dominion of Tuscany. Some characteristics of the old building are still visible, and our Staff will be glad to provide you with any information you desire.

Because…it is our home town and we just love it!

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