Santa Claus does not exist. Says WHO?

Santa Claus Hotel Certaldo Tuscany

First things first: Santa Claus DOES exist!

Why? Because everyone knows him, because his villages are everywhere around in December, and because he really brings his gifts on Christmas Eve so that we can find them the day after under the Christmas tree!

He is only a legend. SAYS WHO?

Everyone knows that on Christmas Eve there is a stout, bearded old man flying across the skies dressed in red. He is strong enough to drive a flying sleigh loaded with presents but at the same time agile enough to get into the chimneys and brings gifts to the good children.

Every country has a name for him: in Italy he is Babbo Natale, in French-speaking countries Papa Nöel  and in German-speaking ones he is known as Weihnachtsmann.  For all English speakers, he is Santa Claus. In some countries he comes a little earlier than usual. For example in the Netherlands he is known as Sinterklaas and brings his gifts in early December.

Some say he lives at the North Pole, and more specifically in Romanievi, Lapland. Some others are sure that he lives somewhere in Spain. Whatever you call him and wherever he lives, this joyful old man has uncountable pixies, fairies, gnomes and elves helping him out in the difficult task of collecting all the children’ letters with their Christmas wishes and prepare their gifts.

Santa Claus’ Villages in Tuscany

In the last few years Tuscany is increasingly embracing the Santa Claus’ Villages tradition, as these are to be found a bit everywhere in the region.  With Christmas approaching, Santa Claus’ little helper build his villages everywhere, not to miss a single letter from a child with his or her wishes.

In the first days of December in the Hall of Congress in Pisa Fabbrica di Babbo Natale – Santa Claus’ Factory – is held, with many activities for children and parents alike.
In Certaldo this year children will be able to visit the Home of Santa Claus set inside Fattoria Bassetto, and they will be able to bring him their Christmas letter and take a picture with him in the village’s main square on Dec. 23rd too.

Even if it is rumored that those seen around on the night of Christmas Eve are Santa’s helpers and not Santa Claus himself, maybe this time the full-spirited oldie actually decided to come to Giovanni Boccaccio’s hometown. The only way to find out is visiting Certaldo.

The Chrismas Village in Certaldo and the Home of Santa Claus, both to be found in Certaldo, are open on weekends in December, only a few steps from Hotel Certaldo. In Piazza Boccaccio, the village’s main square, you will also find an ice-skating rink and a local market with many gifts ideas.

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