Country you go, Easter you find: second part . . .

 Let’s continue to find out other Easter traditions around the world:

In Russia and some other countries of ex-URSS, on the Holy Saturday night takes place a solemn mass celebrated in the churches and in the cathedrals followed by a procession around the religious building holding a fired candle. The rite ends with the visit to the cemetery by relatives’ tombs, where people will go the day after to have a picnic lunch. In the Easter day evening a rich dinner with every kind of food will join all families.

A German tradition is to give coloured eggs as present, but the real Easter symbol is a small rabbit. All windows are decorated with images of this animal and also sweets and cakes con have this shape. On Easter morning children look for the small chocolate eggs, hidden by parents everywhere in their houses, believing that the small rabbit wanted to make them a joke.

 Moreover, the houses are usually embellished with vases with tree twigs decorated with coloured eggs.

 To hide chocolate eggs to the children for the Easter morning search is also a Dutch and a French tradition.

In the North of Germany bonfires are turned on Saturday night, and this fire will turn on lights and candles of the churches to celebrate the midnight mass. The ashes will be scattered on fields in the countries as good chance for a rich harvest.              

Also in Finland, country with major Lutheran religion, where Easter has no real religious sense, there’s the tradition to turn on bonfires near to the houses between Friday and Sunday evening, in order to chase away the witches flying in the sky on those nights. 

In Sweden, during the Holy week, children disguise on witches, a tradition that with night bonfires was born by ancient medieval believes.

 On previous Sunday poplar twigs decorated with sequins and coloured stones are blessed during the mass celebration. Also in this country coloured eggs are used to be a present given during the Easter banquet lunch.

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