March 8th – Women’s Day!!

Today is the International Women’s Day, a day to remember the social, political and economical conquests of women and also the discriminations and violence they are still victims in many parts of the world.

The mimosa twig, used as symbol and present on this day,  is an Italian tradition and it was chosen on 1946 by Italian Women’s Union, not only because it blossoms in this period, but also because the yellow colour is expression of vitality, strength, joy and represents the passage from death to life and celebrate all women that have been fighting for a fair world, even if it is still a long way to go….

We want to make all women our Best Wishes! Without making moralists or living this day as a disco event or men strips’ night…. We have to remember that only on last century women were fighting for vote’s right.

To celebrate and drink with all your friends, use Flute glasses with 2/3 of very cold orange juice and 1/3 of Spumante Brut or a dry white sparkling wine, a slice of orange as decoration and …… Best Wishes to everyone Girls and Have Fun!!!!

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