Monteriggioni and Mercantia, a Medieval Tuscany experience between Florence and Siena

Some small villages in Tuscany of medieval origin have preserved their original characteristics and allow the tourists to live a very special experience, feeling like turning back in time.

One of these is Monteriggioni, easy to recognize driving from Florence to Siena, lying on a small hill with flat top, with its still intact medieval walls and the massive 14 towers.

During a holiday in Tuscany around the area, don’t miss a visit in this timeless village: it is possible to walk inside only through one of the two doors, one on the north side looking Florence, the other one on the south side looking Siena. From the large central square, where the old church is also situated, through its small streets one can reach the passage to the walkway on the ancient walls.

In the late Middle Ages, Monteriggioni was a well known city, and even Dante Alighieri in the “Divina Commedia” named it in the Hell Book. And it is exactly the Dante’s verse  “Monteriggioni di torri si corona” that gives the title to a wonderful medieval festival that takes place here, every year,  for two weekends in July. The modern world remains outside, and under  the check point of two knights, people can reach inside and going back in the past, in the Middle Age, where also the money currency is another…

At the only torches’ light, among stalls and artcrafts laboratories, characters in age costumes do their ancient jobs, play in street performances and jesters’ games, and they offer foods and beverages of that time, served in earthenware dishes and glasses. To pay, it is allowed to use only the “scudi”, the ancient money that visitors can change at the entrance.

In the same period, in Certaldo takes place Mercantia, the famous International Festival of Street Artists, along the streets of the medieval town of Certaldo Alto.

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