Events in Certaldo and nearby in Tuscany

 Events and happenings  in Certaldo and nearby. Dates of taste, music, folklore, street theatre and more:

Medieval Dinner in Certaldo Alto, 1st & 2nd Saturday of June

It takes place twice a year during the month of June, in the enchanting medieval village of Certaldo.
Two long tables along Via Boccaccio, a typical medieval menu, earthenware dishes and cutlery in wood just like in AD 1300, which then are given as a gift to the guests … all served by costumed characters with entertainment of jugglers and jesters of the court!
A folk event very much fun!
Given the large turnout ask for information in advance


Mercantia – Certaldo , from 13th to 17th of July 2016
It is one of the most important festival of street theater in Italy: every summer on mid-July Mercantia transforms the medieval town of Certaldo Alto, in a real midsummer dream!
The next edition, the 29th, will take place on July 2016.
Mercantia is the best stage for street art. The secret is in the originality of the proposal that packages many wonders: a unique village, with a rich arts and craftmanship, with live performances that become entertainment, the town lights, the contemporary art installations, the exhibitions, and decades of collaboration with the Accademia di Belle Arti in Florence.




Palio di Siena, July 2nd and August 16th

It’s a popular festival, a cultural event, a carousel horse … difficult to classify the Palio with a single word. It takes place in Piazza del Campo in Siena on July 2nd and August 16th of each year uninterruptedly since 1644 and is probably the most fascinating and unusual equestrian competition in the world.
The race itself lasts only a few minutes but is a whirl of feelings: apprehension, joy, sense of belonging, rivalry, passion, and much more!
The Palio is present in the city during the four days prior to each race and is full of situations: tests, parades, dinners, processions, blessings … until the race that tells who is the district winner of the “Cencio”, a painting of the Blessed Mary, different every time!


Andrea Bocelli at Lajatico singing at the “Silence Theatre

30th of July 2016 Andrea Bocelli will sing in his Lajatico, at the Silence Theater.
This open-air theater, nestled in a wonderful Tuscan valley, was created expressly by the singer’s wish, to be his beloved concert frame for just one evening in a year. After the yearly concert, the audience facilities are removed and the stage becomes an artificial lake, surrounded by the countryside’s silence for the remain 364 days in the year.
as for the previous ones, this 10th edition of the concert will be also a surprise: the concert will have the Maestro back as protagonist of the soirée, paired with other great artists of international profile.


Monteriggioni Medieval Festival (Monteriggioni di Torri si Corona), 8th-9th-10th and 15th-16th-17th of July 2016

A visit to Monteriggioni always looks like a travel back in time to the middle ages, and even much more if you pay a visit to the town during this festival.
You will have the impression to be suddenly arrived in the middle of an ancient town siege: military camps, ancient battles, itinerant theatre, juggling, art and crafts of days gone. At the entering of the town, one has to exchage some of our contemporary money with “thalers” of the time, to be able to buy things…
The name of the festival cites a verse of the Divina Comedia, 1300 AD, by Dante Alighieri
“.. però che come in su la cerchia tonda / Monteriggioni di torri si corona, / così (‘n) la proda che ‘l pozzo circonda / torreggiavan di mezza la persona / li orribili giganti, cui minaccia / Giove del cielo ancora quando tona”Dante – inferno XXXI 40-45


Boccaccesca – Certaldo  – 7th, 8th and  9th October 2016

It’s a street exhibition on food and wine culture, and it involves the entire village of Certaldo Alto and the centre of the modern town : on the streets, in squares, in palaces. Visitors know they can always expect something new and interesting; it is a stage where the pleasure of taste is always the absolute protagonist.


White Truffle National Exhibition of San Miniato
12,13-19,20-26,27 November e 3-4 Dicember 2016It takes place since more than 30 years at San Miniato, a privileged geographical area with a great white truffle production thanks to the specific combination of forest fauna and geological substrate.
In addition to truffles are many other curious and original products, enhanced by this rare and precious tuber: olive oil, honey, cheese and salami, chocolate, and so on. And no shortage of classics: fine wines, artisan pasta, pastries … a real taste market!
A curiosity: the world’s largest truffle was found in this area in 1954, weighed 2,520 grams and was donated to the then U.S. President Truman.


Calambur – Certaldo  – 18th September 2016
Re-enactment parade that pays tribute to the illustrious poet Giovanni Boccaccio.
The event is inspired by the tales of the Decameron, and it shows all the arts of theater: acting, music, fights, dance … with a cast that includes more than 180 characters!
In the main square Piazza Boccaccio will take place medieval games between the six quartiers of Certaldo, to win the Cencio.
The costumes, set design, dance and music faithfully adhere to the Middle Ages, particularly in 1300. To put on the whole, the organization employs professionals of recognized reputation.


Ferie delle Messi – San Gimignano – every third weekend in June

One of the most important event in San Gimignano. It’s a historical event in medieval costumes that recalls the traditional “ferie messium” used to celebrate Nature that promptly gave its harvest to feed the population.
At the Ferie you will find medieval shopping stalls, artisans of that time at work, jesters, theatre people, musicians … like a usual day in the middle agel!
It takes place in the third weekend of June (variable dates).


Volterragusto – Volterra – End October /beginning November

Two week ends dedicated to the flavors of good and healthy food. Exhibitors and producers present their specialties: olive oil, cheese, meat, truffle, chocolate, marmelades, and other tipical products.
Many and funny activities to do: “live” truffle searching, cooking workshops, oil mills visits, and alabaster production due to the important presence of this mineral in this area!
It takes place in Volterra, October/November, flexible dates.


Florence International Handcrafts Exhibition,
from 25th of April to1st of May 2016In the city central Fortezza da Basso, a whole exhibition district with over 55 thousand sq.m. of stands, where artisans from all Italy and the world propose to the public every kind of handmades. A quite original market fair, and one rich of history, infact it is held in Florence since 1931. An occasion to do some very different and valuable shopping, and to appreciate the artisans’ craftmanship.


Firenze ice cream festival,  May 2016

In the enchanted Florence city centre, the most tasty 5 days in May! icecream makers from all Italy propose the most various, colorful and surprising ice creams… together with their best version of the classics.

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