Shopping in Tuscany

Typical products, local handcrafted goods and luxury brands!


Thanks to its typically Mediterranean climate, its geographical position and its soil composition, along with many others favourable factors, Tuscany is a rich and flourishing land which produces excellent agricultural products.

Here are some tips on what to taste during your stay at Hotel Certaldo or to bring home as a food souvenir of your unforgettable time in Tuscany: the Tuscan wines D.O.C. or D.O.C.G. of the Chianti area – of which also Hotel Certaldo is part -; the Vernaccia of San Gimignano, produced only in the countryside close to San Gimignano;

San Gimignano’s D.O.P. Saffron, also called “the red gold” for its richness; the famous extra virgin olive oil, which is produced everywhere around Tuscany and immensely contributed to its well known landscape;

the renowned onion of Certaldo, grown only in Certaldo and from which the Certaldo Onion Marmalade – superb with boiled meats and cheeses – is made; the wonderfully scented and refined truffle from San Miniato, only a few minutes from Hotel Certaldo;


Tuscan cheeses in their many varieties: aged, creamier, underground-matured cheese like the famous pecorino cheese from Pienza; the Chianina meat or the Fiorentina steak, the Colonnata lard, the spelt from Garfagnana, the fine Tuscan honey of every kind and taste, the typical Tuscan cold cuts, the cantuccini cookies from Prato, perfect to taste with Tuscan Vinsanto wine, the cavallucci cookies and the panforte, typical Christmas dessert in Siena.

Lastly, but no lesser in importance is The Chocolate Valley in Tuscany. In the last few years several enterprises in a specific area of Tuscany have been growing steadily, producing chocolate and chocolate-related products of excellent quality. But these are only some examples; some of these delicious products are being used at Hotel Certaldo for our rich buffet breakfast, our light lunches and light dinners.

Tuscan craftsmanship is also deeply rich in fine objects, hand-worked by artisans with a tradition old of centuries which passes from father to son. These are an array of useful, curious and quaint items: tools and flatware in Tuscan olive wood; leather goods; hand-painted ceramics from Montelupo Fiorentino; the big Terracotta jars from Impruneta; objects made with straw which come from the oldest Tuscan rural culture; alabaster sculptures from Volterra, still today the biggest producer of the material; jewels and precious stones from the master goldsmiths of Florence; copper flatware and tableware as our grandmothers used to have, natural soaps and beauty products made with Tuscan grape and Tuscan olive oil; wrought iron, crystal object from Colle di Val d’Elsa, where the biggest European production is; wood frames, paintings, and lastly, the various luxury brands outlets. Cavalli, Prada, Gucci etc…all of them close to Florence, only a handful of kilometres from Hotel Certaldo.

Tuscany is a beautiful place full of traditions passing over from father to son, of old skills, of nature, art and poetry…

Specialità toscane presso l'Enoteca Boccaccio a Certaldo Alto (FI), Toscana

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